About Me

My name is Chris, and I am a creative writer. I am fascinated by the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft and the fast-paced styling of Chuck Palahniuk. I enjoy Dante and Goethe, as well as Stephen King. I enjoy all genres and envision a synthesis of tropes and techniques to tell original stories (and maybe some not-so-original ones) delivered with innovative voice and technique. Pretentious? Maybe; but I’ll let you decide.

I was born in Southern California, although I now live in San Angelo, Texas. I graduated in 2010 from the California State University: Northridge with a bachelors in Philosophy. I then went on to have a rather unspectacular career in the Air Force for the next five years. In 2013, I began my master’s program in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, which should be done in December of 2016. I left the Air Force in April of 2016 and am beginning a new phase of my life with new work, new hobbies, and hopefully a new audience.

The main purpose of this site is to post samples of my writing for you to enjoy. I want to improve my writing skills while gaining an audience. Here you will find some samples of my work, mostly short stories, to give you an idea of what my writing style is all about. I may also post some treatments and story ideas to bounce off of y’all to see what people want to read about, and why.

In my spare time, I will be trying to launch a side-project integrating my background in leadership studies with my love of video games, TV, and movies. I want to do this to expand the research done on these media as well as legitimize them (particularly video games and other interactive media) as tools for the instruction of leadership.

Below is a quick list so you can get an idea of who I am, what I like, and why I write what I do. Taste may clue you in to whether or not you would enjoy what I have to say. Chances are if we like similar things, we’ll get along just fine. And even if we don’t, it’s good to be challenged once in a while.

Favorite Books: Faust Pt 1, Dante’s Inferno, The Exorcist, The Stand, The Book of Five Rings, The Tao De Ching, Lullaby, Choke, The Wind Through the Keyhole, Starship Troopers, the Tao of Pooh.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Seven Samurai, The Princess Bride, Amelie, Office Space, Alien/Aliens, Terminator 2, Apocalypse Now, Inception, The Dark Knight, My Sassy Girl.

Favorite TV: Cowboy Bebop, Game of Thrones, Generation Kill (book as well), Gravity Falls, Death Note, Adventure Time, The Simpsons, Steven Universe, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Star Trek TNG, Battlestar Galactica – Remake, The Twilight Zone, M*A*S*H, Kill la Kill.

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology, Starcraft II.

Favorite Songs: Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise, Major Lazer ft nyla – Light it Up (remix), Christopher Tin – Baba Yatu, Ninja Sex Party – Attitude City, Katy Perry – Firework, Ark Patrol – At All, Hellogoodbye – Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t, Caravan Palace – Rock it for Me, The Neighborhood – Sweater Weather, The Cinema – Say it Like You Mean It, Telepopmusik – Breathe, Michael Jackson – Thriller, New Navy – Oceans, The Eagles – Hotel California.

Favorite YouTube Channels: Game Grumps, Channel Awesome (The Nostalgia Critic), Cinemassacre (The Angry Video Game Nerd), Geeky Glasses TV, Game/Film Theory (MattPat), Extra Credits, xKito Music, Funky Panda, Dom Mazzetti/Mike and Gian, Mr. Suicide Sheep, JonTron, Markiplier.