AFI 90-830, Parapsychic Management

This piece is a little more significant, as it is the first in a series of world-building attempts by me. My grand scheme is to create a world where the paranormal is an integral part of the fabric of being, although not every story will have a paranormal element. I’m still working out the kinks as to how this will work or why it is significant that a romance, a drama, and a horror story all be part of the same shared world, but for now, its because I want the challenge of binding multiple stories together into a greater fabric of meaning. This short writing project (I hesitate to call it a story) is so significant to me personally. This is the first major piece of literature I am publishing, and hopefully you (especially those of you who are veterans) will get a laugh out of it.

Oh yes, this is a work of satire. Let me know what you think in the comments, if said comment section exists.

Experimental Fiction AFI 90-830 Parapsychic Management

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